The Brisbane Cove Conference was held 27-30 Apr 2021 on the theme of Knowing yourself and others as a leader. The Cove team thanks all those who either contributed articles, or organised or participated in the conference. You will find all the information related to the conference and theme here.

As a reminder, The Cove are engaging in specific themes in a condensed period of time as this will allow for a breadth and depth of perspectives on a single topic to be presented at once. Ultimately, this may lead to better connection and appreciation of shared ideas and space for dialogue on a single theme.

On this page you will find:

  1. Brisbane Cove Conference program (here), and guest lecturer’s biographies, PowerPoint presentations and video recordings in the table below. (Please note: videos can only be viewed off the DPN due to firewall restrictions. You can view this content on your mobile or personal devices ).
  2. Links to all the articles featured in the leadership theme: Knowing yourself and others as a leader:
    1. Reflections of a First Year Sergeant by SGT Carlos Barrera
    2. A Personal Perspective by Mr Bruce Cameron
    3. Leadership vs Likership by MAJ Rob Gibson
    4. Why Understanding Yourself and Others as a Leader is Important by CPL Laura Hando
    5. Commanding in the Digital World by MAJ Rob Gibson
    6. Fake It Till You Make It by BRIG Mike Kalms
    7. Understanding Self Control by WO1 Darren Murch
    8. Leadership Lessons from Outward Bound by LT Matt White

If the neuroscience aspects of leadership interests you, why not check out the Art and Science of Thinking modules on Cove+?  Modules include: Neuroleadership, Cognitive Processing and Psychology of Teams to name a few. Access Cove+ by logging onto to ADELE(U).

If you would like to read more on leadership, we have compiled a variety of leadership book reviews by Darren Cronshaw here

Our next theme is Future Technologies of War which will be run in the second half of June. If this is a topic you have particular interest in and want to share your thoughts with us, the call for articles is here.

Visiting Lecturer Bio
Associated Readings and Video Recordings

Prof Selena Bartlett

Rethinking Leadership using Neuroscience


MAJ Kevin Vowles

Personality Profile

Big 5 Personality Test. 

Please complete an online self-report test that measures the big 5 personality traits. It should take you no more than 8 mins to complete. 

The use of this test is for educational purposes only. The results will not be stored on your Defence Electronic Health Record nor on your Defence Psychology Record. 

Please follow this link to complete the personality test. 

COL Mal Brick

Putting Leadership Models to Work

Read Situational Leadership

Review LWD 0-2 Leadership (Ch 1, 7 and 9) You can access Army Doctrine via on ForceNet by clicking the following link. You can set up a ForceNet account in a few quick and easy steps if you don't already have one. 

Video link here 

Dr Geoff Wilson follow on Instagram (@DrGeoffWilson)

The Lion Killer Attitude 

Video link here

COL Brad Kilpatrick

Adolescent Learning Strategies

Video link here

LTCOL Matthew Ilic

Group Dynamics in Adverse Conditions

Review the ACTS self-assessment

Review the ACTS score card

Watch the Vimeo clip - RSAnimate: Drive - The surprising truth about what motivates us

Prof Melinda Edwards

Ethics = Values2

Video link here

LTCOL Grant Shottenkirk

Toxic Leadership in the USMC

A Case Study in Iraq

LTCOL Tom McDermott

Military Ethics

Video link here