AI/QT Theme Wrap-up

In 2023, The Cove published content relating to four themes. Collected here you can find the content – both Cove-created and contributed – published as part of our Artificial Intelligence/Quantum Technology (AI/QT) Theme. How will emerging technologies in the quantum and AI fields impact Army? Start learning about it here!

Cove Competition 2023

Cove Comp 23 posed the question 'Describe how your role will evolve to contribute to Combined Arms operations in the Army of 2045'. Whilst this included emphasis on the employment of combined arms, inherent in envisaging the Army of 2045 is considering the impact of AI/QT. Check out Cove Comp 23 responses for some great insights from corps SMEs on how their roles might be affected by these emerging capabilities – Cove Competition 2023

New Cove Podcast Original Series – Adapting Army

In the latter half of 2023, The Cove launched a new original series on our podcast! Published in partnership with Land Capability Division, Adapting Army interviews SMEs and leaders in the fields of technology and innovation each fortnight. Tune in to learn all about how Army is adapting and innovating to integrate the latest technological advancements to ensure we are future ready.

Find it here: Adapting Army – The Cove Podcast.

Partnership with RICO - Army's Robotics and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office

The Cove launched a discussion on AI/QT in our article Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology. This included a Question Box that invited you to submit any questions you had on the topic of AI and QT, to be answered by SMEs at RICO. We received some great questions, and these were provided to RICO and answered here: RICO’s Answers to Cove Audience Questions about AI and Quantum Technology.

Learn about what Army is doing in the AI/QT space straight from the experts!

Chief of Army Symposium: Army Innovation Day and Army Robotics Expo/Quantum Tech Challenge 2023

This year's Chief of Army Symposium incorporated the Army Robotics Expo and Quantum Tech Challenge. The Cove team went along to learn more about quantum tech in Army, we brought you the highlights in Future Warfare: Technology for an Adaptable Army.


AI/QT was a topic that generated a lot of interest from our Cove contributors. As a result, we have selection of great article published throughout 2023:

Gareth Rice experimented with AI Chatbots in his (or is it his..?) article Navigating the Battlefield of AI: Opportunities and Challenges for the Australian Army.

Christopher Taylor considered the opportunities for Army ISTAR in Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in ISTAR Operations: Opportunities and Challenges.

Jamie Cottam pointed out that the rise of AI chatbots has implications for communication in ChatGPT and Me: The So-What of Generative AI.

Sam Allan discusses the ways to enhance PME with AI in Easy PME using Artificial Intelligence.

Quantum Next-Generation Minesweeper Challenge

Finally, The Cove supported the conduct of the 2023 Next-Gen Quantum Tech Challenge here: Quantum Next Generation Minesweeper Challenge 2023. Keep an eye out for the PitchFest announcement!

AI/QT is a fascinating subject that, whilst very technical in nature, will have a great impact on Army and society in the years to come. Staying at the forefront of developments in this space is a necessary part of maintaining our Intellectual Edge.