Across Army, there is a wide range of trades, specialties and career pathways, and for many it can be a long time between opportunities to practise and enhance our tactical skills. For those not actively involved in combat roles, often the only opportunity to intensively practise all-corps tactical skills are career courses, and it can often be around five years between those courses. Understandably, there is a lot of skill fade that can occur if you don't practise these skills or create chances to refresh your knowledge. This video provides a brief explanation of the five steps of the Military Appreciation Process (MAP). In addition, it discusses:

  • The background of the MAP
  • That the MAP framework provides a systematic process to review facts, make assumptions and arrive at a logical solution
  • The MAP is designed to incorporate top-down planning
  • The MAP evaluates scenarios post H-hour
  • The MAP incorporates a manoeuvrist approach
  • The MAP is command led and staff driven

Watch the video to refresh your knowledge on the MAP as a whole, and take a look at our subsequent videos to look at each of the steps in more detail.