All information presented within this article relating to Olvana, other nations, and force structures is fictional and for training purposes only.

Breaking News: Leaked Military Documents from Olvana!

The Cove has received documents detailing discussion amongst key senior Olvanan military leaders regarding lessons from Russia's war on Ukraine. See this Cove News Bulletin for more:

This leaked letter from the Commander of the 1st Olvanan Marine Division provides excellent insight into what lessons are being extracted from the War in Ukraine by competitors and potential adversaries.

Letter to Southern Fleet Commander from 1 Marine Division Commander, Olvanan People's Navy Marine Corps

The source of this leak can be found here, in the exclusive OlvanaLeaks entry of the Decisive Action Training Environment. You can also find a copy of the letter and its translations here.

Interrogation of this letter reveals that COMD 1 Marine Div, OPN-MC has discussed with his superiors the need to review the Olvanan military to confirm their current methods or employ new ones. Key areas raised for consideration are:

  • The importance of national strategy in creating the conditions for successful operations, including sustainment.
  • Training and selection of leaders at all levels, from senior officers to NCOs.
  • The utility of information warfare (INFOWAR) as evidenced by COMD 1st Mar Div's discussion of 'the three warfares' – strategic psychological warfare, propaganda warfare, and lawfare.
  • Reinforcement of the relevance of deception, through all available methods including cyber/EW, tactical deception, obscuration, and camouflage & concealment, and decoys.
  • The dramatic impact UAS has had on modern war.
  • Decentralisation of artillery.
  • Force design including the employment of combined arms Brigade Tactical Groups (BTGs) and reinforcement of logistics capabilities.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.