All information presented within this article relating to Olvana, other nations, and force structures is fictional and for training purposes only.

Leaked documents from Olvana: final release and challenge!

Following the leaks of both the letter from the Commander of the Olvanan First Marine Division to the OPN Southern Fleet commander, and the 1st Mar Div Implementation Brief, The Cove has received new information showing the proposed changes to the Olvanan marine division. These leaks provide insight into the new capabilities suggested by senior Olvanan leaders to respond to lesson drawn from the war in Ukraine. See our latest new update below for more.

Today’s leaked documents reveal diagrams for proposed changes to the Olvanan First Marine Division Order of Battle (ORBAT). The proposed changes include both force structure changes and new platforms, enabling the 1st Mar Div OPN-MC with capabilities not previously employed.

The source of these leaked documents can be found at the OlvanaLeaks entry on the DATE website.

A copy of these leaked diagrams can also be downloaded here.

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Remember, interpretations differ depending on political worldview, so we can’t expect Australia and Olvana to interpret events or documents in exactly the same way. Nevertheless, there will be some lessons that Australia can learn by looking at the way its adversaries are adapting.

As a reminder, here are some of the changes that Olvana has implemented based on their observation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

  • enhancing indirect fire control systems and increasing decentralisation of brigade artillery
  • adding new divisional chemical smoke capabilities to obscure their movements
  • new measures to counter unmanned aerial systems
  • increase in dismounted security of armoured vehicles in close terrain
  • addition of a Deception Engineering Coy to the INFOWAR Battalion
  • enhancements to logistics capabilities, including new elements within the Material Support Battalion

To start the discussion, we would like to pose some questions for consideration; you can choose a question to answer, or offer your thoughts on something else.

  1. In his letter, the COMD 1st Mar Div, OPN-MC discussed validation of conducting INFOWAR via social media for propaganda and strategic psychological operations (two of the 'three warfares). What might this imply for future threats in competition short of conflict and Grey Zone activities?
  2. What does the addition of a Deception Engineeing Coy to the INFOWAR Battalion suggest regarding the Olvanan approach to the integration of INFOWAR with manoeuvre?
  3. What insights do these leaks offer into the Olvanan adaptation cycle?
  4. What might the enhancements to Olvanan Marine brigade artillery, such a platoon-level FDC, personal device artillery planning software, enhancements to CSS Forward Ammunition Sections, and emphasis on decentralising artillery mean for the Olvanan targeting cycle? What could this change regarding their ability to coordinate offensive support in the littoral battlespace?

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