All information presented within this article relating to Olvana, other nations, and force structures is fictional and for training purposes only.

Leaked documents from Olvana: Interview with MAJGEN (Retd) Mick Ryan

The Cove brings you further developments regarding the leaked documents from Olvana. Over the last 24 hours, key experts have had time to digest and analyse the letter from the Commander of the Olvanan 1st Marine Division, Olvanan People's Navy Marine Corps. Today, further information has been revealed, in form of a brief on additional capabilities trialled within the 1st Olvanan Marine Division. Find the expert assessment of what this means here, starting with an interview with retired Australian Army major general, author, and military commentator Mick Ryan (@WarintheFuture).

These latest leaked documents can be found here. A copy of this brief can be downloaded here.

This brief from First Marine Division discusses the 'enhancement program' initiated following the lessons identified in yesterday's leak letter from COMD 1st Mar Div, OPN-MC. The insights revealed by this Implementation Brief demonstrate Olvana is taking real steps to evolving it's land combat capability for the modern battlespace, and the speed of the Olvanan adaptation cycle.

Stay tuned for more information as this story develops.