Darren Murch OAM

Darren Murch has served in a variety of infantry battalions from Private soldier through to Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). He has been an Army instructor at all ranks during his career and was the RSM of the School of Infantry. Additionally, he has been posted to the United States Army Sergeants’ Major Academy, served as the RSM of 16th Aviation Brigade and is currently the RSM of the 2nd Division. Darren has a Bachelor of Organisational Leadership and has commenced a Master of Strategic People Management.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.


War Room

Do we Understand our Workforce?

In this article Darren Murch asks 'do we understand our Workforce?' He then posits that truly understanding the current workforce will help us recruit the workforce of the future.

By Darren Murch OAM

War Room

Cove Interview | RSM 2nd Division, WO1 Darren Murch OAM

The Director of The Cove, LTCOL Greg Colton, sits down with the RSM 2nd Division, WO1 Darren Murch, to discuss OP BUSHFIRE ASSIST

By Darren Murch OAM


Charismatic Leadership during a Crisis

Darren Murch OAM explores how Charismatic Leadership can inspire and influence individuals during crises, such as the 2019 NW QLD Floods and 2019/20 Bushfire emergencies.

By Darren Murch OAM

Break In

Learning from our Mistakes: Tolerating Failure versus Allowing Failure

How do we empower our people to learn from their mistakes? In this article, Darren Murch looks at value of allowing failure to create learning outcomes.

By Darren Murch OAM

Unit PME

5th Aviation Regiment’s Reflections of the Cove Conference | Townsville (13-14 Nov 19)

During November, The Cove conducted an exported Cove Conference in Townsville for a combined audience of junior leaders from 3 Brigade, 16 Brigade and the Queensland Police Service audience. Cove contributor, advocate and RSM 16 Brigade, Darren Murch, asked the NCOs that he sent to the event to reflect on what they had taken away from the two days.

By Darren Murch OAM