Cove Challenge '23 is now closed to submissions.

The Cove Challenge 2023 – 'Why I Continue To Serve' is now complete. Here at The Cove we have been inspired and impressed by the responses to Cove Challenge 2023.

The Cove would like to thank everyone who responded. This year's Challenge received well over 100 submissions across ranks ranging from private to major general, which is a fantastic result.

Due to the volume of submission received, we could not individually promote every response on our social media platforms. However, all responses have been published on The Cove and can be found in rank groups via the links to the right.

What did you take away from the responses? Here at The Cove, we found that whilst the specifics may vary from person to person, three consistent themes could be found throughout. These themes were:

Service is about others. A great many responses included service to others as an aspect of why they continue to serve. It took various forms, such as: Australian communities you help when responding to natural disasters and emergencies, the people of other nations you help in time of crisis, maintaining the legacy of those who came before, or the mates you've made and continue to work alongside. The aspect of service to others remained consistent. By continuing to serve, you continue to support your team, your mates, and those in need.

Service is about you. Another consistent theme amongst the submissions was the personal nature of what service means to you, and what you gain from serving. Through service, we contribute something to a larger cause, but at the same time gain an individual fulfillment of purpose, gain meaning, and build rewarding relationships. From a more pragmatic perspective, many noted how service in Army brings tangible benefits, such as competitive employment packages, job security, or opportunities for sponsored education. Whatever the reason, the choice to continue to serve does take into consideration the rewards one gains from doing so.

Service is about the mission. The final common theme in Cove Challenge 2023 responses was sense of purpose you feel in contributing to a shared cause. Service in Army means working on behalf of the Nation, in its defence and the defence of our national interests. Many noted this purpose provided them with motivation and drive on a daily basis, and that they took pride in their contribution to Australia.

Cove Coin Recipients

We would like to congratulate all who contributed to this Cove Challenge. The decision to serve and reasons to continue serving are personal in nature, so it is impossible to pick 'winners'. However, the Cove Team and our guest judges, DG and RSM CM-A, selected 5 Other Rank and 5 Officer responses that resonated with us and we hope, all members. Congratulations to our 10 Cove Coin and merchandise pack recipients, find them and 'Why They Continue To Serve' below.


Cove Challenge 2023 - MAJ Gavin Cole

Cove Challenge 2023 - MAJ Josh Fordham

Cove Challenge 2023 - MAJ Bree Looker

Cove Challenge 2023 - MAJ Nicholas Okamura

Cove Challenge 2023 - MAJ Sally Williamson

Other Ranks

Cove Challenge 2023 - WO1 Melissa Lucas

Cove Challenge 2023 - WO1 Daniel Hamilton

Cove Challenge 2023 - BDR Connor Smith

Cove Challenge 2023 - CPL John Wellfare

Cove Challenge 2023 - PTE Nathan McDonald