"I feel that it is my duty, to serve this great nation and to continue the ANZAC legend that was forged in fire many years ago. For their sacrifice gave us our tomorrow." LCPL Benjamin Driver, RMC-A

"Why I continue to serve? Optimism! The 'young' man in me is proud to serve, in uniform, and to represent Defence in the community... The 'old' man in me values each and every opportunity Army has presented for purposeful learning and to make a positive contribution to my team. I have had some incredible experiences in a short-time, and realised potential and capacities within myself through learning challenges in my training. I now hold greater aspirations for future endeavours across what I hope shall prove to be a long ADF career." CFN Cristian Furness, 2 FSB

"Even though, during my 20 years of service, my body has succumbed to the impacts from duty, the Defence Force continues to support me to remain in service. So for as long as I am still able to provide a valid and valuable contribution now and into the future, I shall remain in service to my country as we move forward into an ever changing world." CPL Jeffrey Mitchell, DFSS

"Due to the lifelong friendships I have developed and continue to develop and the life changing experiences from over 20 years of service." CPL Nick Aldham, REC MEC 15FSS

"I serve because I want to be capable of being called upon when our country needs it. I am proud knowing that I am contributing to something bigger than myself. I am inspired everyday by the thousands of service members that put in huge amounts of effort not for personal gain but to improve the security of our country. Being in the Army makes me a better person by always pushing me to be a little bit better than I was yesterday." PTE Nathan McDonald, RASIGS

"I continue to serve due to the security it brings me such as housing, employment, medical and fitness opportunities. The other significant factor I stay in for is the friends I have made at IETS and CMA, that I continue to stay in contact with." PTE Matthew Zalkauskas, 2 FSB

"Why do I continue to serve? It is because of and for the soldiers left and right of me. For our army to be future-ready, it remains as critical as every to train, mentor and lead the next generation of soldiers. Giving back to our soldiers, as positive influence, we should seek to enhance lethality and survivability, increasing longevity in uniform; in the hope that when their time comes, they will do the same for the generation after them. Up=keeping the reputation of the Aussie Digger laid before us." CPL Jake Gatica, 7 RAR

"Why I serve? The end answer is because I am proud to serve. Why I continue to serve? Ultimately, it is the men and women on my left and right. Comradery is the foundation of Army it is the building block in which enables success both in person and in mission, it's knowing that if I'm in the trenches I'm never there alone. In summary, Army is an environment where I thrive and where I feel my work means something, I'm challenged, I have a voice and I'm a part of an evolving space full of innovation and drive." BDR Connor Smith, DFSS

"As a JNCO in the Australian Army, I continue to serve for a variety of reasons. I feel a strong sense of duty and commitment to Australia and its people. I enjoy the camaraderie and sense of purpose that comes with being a part of a team and appreciate the opportunities for personal and professional growth that the Army provides. Currently being at RI, mentoring junior soldiers has been the most rewarding thing in my career to date, but ultimately whether it be domestic emergencies or overseas operations my commitment to provide service for communities who need help is unwavering." CPL Aaron Orr, 1 RTB

"I initially joined as a gab year in June 2014 and was only planning to serve one year. I like the job security and family support that I have had in the ADF. I always want to improve and challenge myself with new skills. However, one of the most important reasons for serving in the ADF is so that I can give back to the country that gave me so many opportunities, opportunities that I never had when I was living in iran as a refugee. It has been a privilege and honour to serve." LCPL Hossein Hosseini, 2FSB

"Growing up in a military household there was tradition in service to the Australian Army. That go me to enlist, yet after 10 years I continue to serve for one reason. The Diggers. I do it for the diggers, who come in everyday ready to put in the hard yards. Seeing the development of soldiers as they progress from Recruit to JNCO. Passing on my own experiences and knowledge and mentoring them to be the best, is what makes me continue to serve. It's the most rewarding aspect of my job." CPL Michael Van Meersbergen, 1 RTB

"I have always found substantial pride in my family members who have served in the armed forces and continue to revere their resilience. Their example has made me a better person, I feel a responsibility to play my part in creating a better Australia. Recognising that it is my turn to set the example for my children and future generations is why I continue to serve." PTE Christopher Clark, 2 FSB

"In the short span I've been serving, I have learnt so much and been given the opportunities to learn new skills. The people that I've had the privilege to serve alongside, keep me inspired and supported with the many challenges that come. Furthermore, every time I wear the uniform I feel proud to continue the great legacy of those who served before me. This is why with everything I do, I do it with excellence knowing that I am making a positive impact to the organisation and the country." PTE Edwije Pendro, 2 FSB

"I've come and gone with my service a number of times whilst moving up the ranks of my civilian job and for some strange reason the uniform keeps calling me back! What drives that, I can only surmise that its the members and mates I serve with, an opportunity to do something a little different than the usual desk job and lastly, the opportunity to engage with the ANZAC spirit, a spirit that I believe formed the Australian character." CFN Rhyse J Moore, REC MEC 15FSS

"Why I continue to serve? When joining the Army, I was looking for adventure, to go new places and do new things. 20 years later the opportunities still exist, through posting, exercise or deployment. No two days are the same." CPL Niall Woolley, CPL

"I continue to serve still, after four consecutive years of service, is because I really enjoy the company and camaraderie of the people at my unit on parade nights and the range of people I meet on the various courses I have attended. Additionally, learning new skills that I would not normally be able to learn and practice in my civilian life and civilian job makes it rewarding and beneficial." PTE Keren Price, 2 FSB

"Here lies the answer. I continue to serve to stand on the shoulders of giants. To hold the sacred torch of service high. To honour the memory of my ancestors and forebears. I continue to serve for legacy, community, and for the knowledge that my contribution lays down a fortified foundation of hope, protection, and security for our nation and the world. I continue to serve to do something bigger than myself and to pour energy and enthusiasm into a noble and challenging cause. I continue, not because it is easy, but because it is for the good of all." LCPL Sarah Mitchell, AAHU

"I was in about Year 5 when a friend at school told me his older brother was in the Army. I remember thinking, 'How cool is that'. Now some years later I am an older brother who is serving in the Army. And yes, it's a cool job. I am currently a Physical Training Instructor at 1 RTB, each day I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of the new soldiers coming through which is incredibly rewarding." CPL Sean Smith, 1 RTB

"I am inspired by the legacy of those who came before me: the diggers who fought their way up the Gallipoli escarpments and down the muddy Kokoda Track. Those who stood their ground at Kapyong and Long Tan. Who stared down the agents of terror in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq, and showed up in times of need back home. I didn't earn the Anzac legacy I inherited it the first time I put on a slouch hat. I continue to serve because, although I'll never deserve this inheritance, I am inspired by the duty to live up to it." CPL John Wellfare, RACMP

"I joined the Army over 20 years ago and have found it to be both rewarding and challenging. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to serve again after a medical discharge. And have had the opportunity to grow both my knowledge base and the chance to travel to some of the most remote areas of Australia and Overseas. Be it teaching foreign partners, how to improve their practices. Or figuring out how to adapt Indigenous teachings into modern military training, I have been lucky enough to do both these and more." CPL Rohan Gerrand, 2 FSB

"Serving in the Australian Army is a nobel and fulfilling endeavour that offers numerous benefits and opportunities. It is a chance to defend the country, protect its citizens, and make a positive impact on society. It also provides a sense of purpose, discipline, and camaraderie that is hard to find elsewhere. Additionally the Army offers excellent training, education and career advancement opportunities, as well as competitive pay and benefits. Whether you are driven by a sense of duty, a desire to serve, or a thirst for adventure, the Australian Army can provide a deeply rewarding and meaningful experience." PTE Eddie Adams, 2 FSB

"Why I continue to Serve is the sense purpose, gratitude and freedom that Australia have given me. Australia accepted my family as refugees in 1978. We are forever grateful. After being dedicated to my children as a stay-at-mum for over 20 years, Army have given me an opportunity to serve Australia. 13th June 2023 will be my first year anniversary with Army. I will continue to serve until I retire." PTE Meg Gov, APSU-SQ

"Some things in life are just magnetic to each other… like a sense of belonging. Beyond explanation. This is me! 3 times in, twice through Kapooka, and one simple understanding. 'It’s where I would prefer to be!!'" LCPL Mathew Lylak, 2 FSB

"Why I continue to serve? I am continuing my service for the nation and Australian Army because I think it is meaningful and fulfilling to give my time in the service of the community. My devotion of time also helps me improve my character. It helps me develop my sense of duty, obligation, and self-sacrifice." CPL Jeodito Francisco, 2 FSB

"As a reservist in WA at 10 LHR, I continue to serve as I feel my role as transitioned from the 'weekend warrior' I was in my early days to something more significant. As an NCO, I can now give back to the Army in training new soldiers whether it be a Tuesday night theory lesson on AFV methods of movement or a safety supervisor on a HE range weekend. The CA has made it clear that 2 DIV serves a purpose in our future defence strategy and one which I will contribute to as much as possible."  CPL Matthew Willis, 10 LHR