"I continue to serve as it gives me my sense of purpose. I sleep well at night knowing I have contributed to something greater than one's self. I remain motivated towards continued service, as I feel a sense of duty to give back to the organisation that has given me so much." WO1 Glen Donaldson, RSM RMC-A

I actually still love the organisation, if I’m injured they fix me, if I’m hungry they feed me, if I’m homeless they house me, if I’m in trouble they help me… People actually care, being a soldier is a way of life that has two options. You can get out and try to find something better or embrace it and strive to be the best you can be and it will reward you. It’s like no other job in the world.WO2 David Kristan, RMC-A

"Service to the Nation expects unequivocal devotion that is greater than self. Since my earliest memories I am inspired by the iconic symbols of our uniform – The Rising Sun and Slouch Hat. For me, these conjure images of toughness, tenacity, resourcefulness and adventure. I am proud of being part of Army’s future; honouring and stewarding what others have done before us and contributing to action that will allow us to fight and win." WO1 Darren Murch, COMD SM Forces Command

"I have been fortunate to have lived a 'boys own adventure' career that's been filled with challenging, confronting, yet rewarding experiences. During this time, I've been led and mentored by a fantastic group of leaders. I continue to serve to bring the same experiences support and encouragement to today's Army." WO1 Jamie Osborne, RMC-A

"To use the experience I have gained to guide the next generation of soldiers through their careers and give them the best opportunity to develop and continue to serve. This allows them to be effectively managed, educated and trained to achieve and deal with the challenges of the future" WO2 Grant Stoker, RMC-A

"Prior to joining the Army, as a young kid from a small country town, I was enthused by members of the Army that would pass through town with their trucks laden with tanks and heavy equipment. On joining, I was continually inspired by and looked up to many NCOs, SNCOs and Officers that always had the attitude, knowledge and skills to complete any task, no matter how difficult. Now after 30 plus years I am repeatedly inspired by our soldiers, their drive, problem-solving skills, and thirst for knowledge; this sets the conditions for our future... These; the future leaders both enlisted and commissioned inspire and educate me almost daily. Don't practice until you get it right; practice until you can't get it wrong." WO1 Stephen Taylor, RSM 9 BDE

"I joined the Army nearly 29 years ago as a (very) young man to be able to support my family. 'Service' was a vague concept at the time, but 'mateship' was not and I very quickly found my second family. Over the years my understanding of service increased and, through all the ups-and-downs of life and that service, both of my families have supported and sustained me. Family was the reason I joined and the Army family is the reason I continue to serve." WO1 Benn Goulter, RSM DFSS

"I continue to serve because it's a part of my families' history. When I reflect on my childhood I was always interested in my father's overseas service during WW2 and other family members who had served since the Boer War. I wondered what would make someone leave home and family to serve. I was fascinated by the notion of duty and the spirit adventure reflected in the personal journals I found. I find the same traits in the people I work with today and this is why I continue to serve." WO1 Brian Buskell, RSM TRADOC

"My time in Army has given me the experiences and skills that I could not of ever imagined from the day I swore my allegiance to Queen and Country 33 years ago. I continue to serve to this day due to mateship, service and the uniqueness of our profession which can never be replicated. My enlistment into the Army started out as a blank book which has been filled with nothing but good memories, experiences and the honour to continue to serve our nation. That is why I continue to serve." WO1 Daniel Hamilton, RSM 6 BDE

"Since joining the Army I have observed many changes. Our Army has gone from a peacetime military post-Vietnam where doctrine had not changed in 20 years to now a more robust, hard hitting and dynamic force. Long gone are the days where the only concern for soldiers was making sure their water bottles were full. Instead, our soldiers are trusted with technology and equipment, requiring intelligence and aptitude never seen before. With numerous barriers to service removed, I look forward to learning from future generations, and seeing what they bring to our future Army." WO1 Scott Hannan, RSM 10/27 RSAR

"I strive to make a soldiers life easier whether at work or play, at times this is challenge, but the reward is fantastic. If I in some small way can assist a soldier, sailor or aviator to also continue to serve then I have had a great day." WO1 Jon Tynan, RSM ASEME

"The reason I continue to serve is twofold for me, the many challenges associated with daily service life and the people I serve alongside. I truly enjoy and embrace the opportunity each and every day in being able to make a 'positive' difference in someone or something. Secondly, the people are our Army and it is those that I have had the honour and privilege to serve alongside that have kept me excited, focused and looking forward in the challenge of tomorrow." WO1 Jason Burford, RSM CMA

"I still love coming to work every day. The experiences I continue to have and the good people I meet daily, motivates me to stay relevant in our ever-changing environment and do more for our Soldiers and Officers. We are the best Army in the world, living in the best country in the world. And I still want to play my part in that every day. Stand Tall, Stand Proud!" WO1 Grant Gripske, RSM 1 ARMD REGT

"Why I continue to serve? The Army has managed equipment, platform, personnel, and culture changes to become a more efficient and professional fighting force with the ability to deliver lethality to any part of the globe; be it the use of manoeuvre, effects or manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum. I remain proud as a custodian to uphold the traditions and customs of the Army and like many I was one of those who at some stage signed over their cheque payable to Queen/King and Country." WO2 Robert Kohn, 7 CSR

"For me my desire to serve before self is as strong as it was 32 years ago; however I find nothing more satisfying than mentoring my subordinates and watching them develop and grow into future leadership roles. Army is full of inspirational people, and having the privilege of being their RSM to lead and mentor is all I need to stay motivated to continue to serve." WO1 Robert Gentles, RSM 7 CSSB

"After observing ADF actions in Somalia and Rwanda in '93, I was inspired to join and continue the tradition of helping people in need, regardless of their background. A tradition set by my family during WWII, the Malaysia emergency and Vietnam conflict. After 27 years of service, the Army has developed me into who and what I am today. I continue to serve in order to provide back to the organisation that has entrusted me to look after our customs and traditions. I am continually inspired by the soldiers and junior leaders who demonstrate the same self-sacrifice as our forebears." WO1 Anthony Jones, RSM 3 RAR

"Why I continue to serve? After 36 years, I get asked that question a lot. My response is always the people who serve with me. the comradeship/friendships that I have build will last a lifetime, the experiences and serving of this great nation of Australia I will never forget. It hasn't been all smooth sailing, but the good totally outweighs the bad. As I look towards my future outside of the ADF, I will miss everything about wearing the uniform and what it stands for but ultimately I will miss the people." WO2 Roz Kenney, RA SIGS

"I'm proud to have continued my service for a variety of reasons, including a sense of duty and dedication to serving my country, opportunities for personal and professional development, the soldiers and mateship, and a sense of belonging. Each day, I am challenged by my purpose to provide effective leadership, mentoring, and technical expertise while upholding the Army's core values and serving as a positive role model for all soldiers, all while pursuing our legacy of a fighting spirit, resiliency, and unwavering dedication to our country. My passion for serving hasn't waned since the day I joined." WO1 Jason Jackson, RSM 1/19 RNSWR

"Having served for over 35 years, I have a sense of belonging, a sense of working for an organisation that values me. I continue to feel the need to give back to that organisation which has given me many opportunities. Army has made me who I am and I am proud to serve. Our people are our most previous resource and Army is developing and working hard to improve me, and our people." WO1 Nick Jago, LWC

"There is no greater honour then providing some form of service to our nation. I am amazed everyday and inspired by every person who has served alongside me over the last 38 years. I continue to serve because of the camaraderie, mateship, opportunities, job satisfaction, but most importantly our people. I aspire to live and breathe our Defence Values, to inspire others and be inspired as I reflect on my service, I also look forward to what the future holds. Our continued service is the thread that links our past to our future, live life with limited regrets and good soldiering." WO1 Dave Marendy, LWC

"I continue to serve as I love the diversity and the challenges a career in the Army provides you daily. It does not matter how long you have served you can contribute and learn from the diverse environment that we operate in. I am inspired daily by the outstanding men and women that volunteer to serve our nation, and the different backgrounds we draw from bringing that all together to make one team, but overall, I enjoy the opportunity to mentor the next generation of soldiers and officers and seeing people succeed in the organisation." WO1 Virginia Morris, ASM ADFA

"I continue to serve so I can do my part in securing a safe future for my family, it gives me a great sense of purpose in life, as well as the ability to serve a nation that I love. As quote be General George Patton, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one's country." WO2 Scott Kelly, RMC-A

"It used to be about being physically and mentally tough, but now it takes a physical effort to get out of bed each morning. It used to be about being resilient, but now I take pain killers every day. It used to be about leading from the front, but now it's about mentoring the next person in line. There is a genuine type of soldier that believes in their service and if I can contribute to making that soldier better at their job, then that is why I still serve." WO2 James Long, HQ 3 BDE

"I continue to serve because of the ongoing opportunity to work with like-minded people. I saw little of this in my civilian employment prior to enlistment, and little in the way of effective leadership. There are not many other occupations where the privilege to lead has to be earned..." WO1 Dan Gissane, RSM ASO

"I believe an Army is only as good as its soldiers, and we have some of the best and brightest soldiers in the world. No matter the circumstances, the Australian soldier continues to display a selfless act of service to the nation, show respect and dignity to fellow humans, and employ a consistent willingness to strive for excellence on a professional and personal level. Because of these key character attributes, it still inspires me to serve to this day and into the future." WO1 Russell Peel, RSM LWC

"My father worked at BHP steel works in Whyalla, SA doing shift work for over 20 years, same workplace, same people, repetition. In addition, as a child, I never had the opportunity to travel outside of my home state and high school didn't provide me with a clear direction on what I wanted to achieve in life. When I saw the Defence Recruiting van in town, I took the opportunity by the horns. It became an easy decision to become a part of an organisation that provides stability of service, self-discipline, life skills, mateship, travel opportunities around Australia and overseas, multi-skilling, commitment, benefits and above all, the drive to become better. After 33 years, there has been no looking back." WO2 Shane Thornton, OPSWO 2 FSB

"I continue to serve because I feel that I am making a difference in today's Army, I am passing on my experience, knowledge and mentorship to the diggers coming through and not just in this Army, in my current role I am advising a whole Defence Force on logistical processes. In the last 24 years I am yet to find anywhere that gives me the opportunities to excel in my field like Army does. I am proud to be an Australian soldier and will continue to serve." WO2 Ben McCulkin, DCP

"Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference. Over my career what keeps me continuing to serve is how my actions have echoed in others. A recent example was a solider that I hadn't seen for years come up to me and say, 'Hey Sir, do you remember me?' He continued on to say how I had trained and mentored him many years ago and how it had made him what he had become today. No amount of recognition awards or medals can replicate the feeling of gratitude and making a positive difference." WO1 Stuart Johnston, RSM 9 CSSB

"Army allows you to grow while it also grows around you. This is why I consider Army as my family and I feel a deep connection with it. It's that profound." WO1 Michael Lobb, RSM 8 Brigade

"Why I continue to serve? I still enjoy what I am doing and look forward to where the Army is going. I joined the Army Reserve 33 years ago and enjoyed almost every bit of it. I have enjoyed multiple deployments and some CFTS opportunity within my unit. We have all met people from different backgrounds that we can learn from and help us all grow. Now as a WO2, I get to help train and mentor younger soldiers for the future." WO2 Victor Kaiser, 2 FSB

"Joining the Army 34 years ago was really my only option for employment due to my lack of interest during my school years. I soon learnt that my colleagues were becoming my closest friends and that the Army was my second family. I have vast amounts of great memories that were given to me by the people I have served with, and I would never have experienced these outside of this organisation. Security for my family and the respect I have for everyone who volunteers to serve this great nation is why I continue to serve." WO1 Steven Lowery, RSM 1 CSR

"I consider my service to this nation as one of pride, commitment and honour. To be able to follow our forefathers in some capacity gives me a 'sense of pride' that I am building on their legacy. being able to invest in our wonderful young future leaders fulfils my mantra of 'commitment to others' and wearing this unique uniform each day is my way to 'honour Australia', it's people past, present and future. This is why I continue to Serve..." WO1 Kimberly Kiely, RSM 2 BDE

"Mateship, some of the best and worst times of my life have been shared with my mates in service of Australia. Any burden can be carried and no task is insurmountable with your mates with you. Team before self is at the core of Mateship." WO2 Brodie Kerr, RAINF

"My reason to serve is due to the professionalism of the members of the ADF. Serving for almost 30 years I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and selflessness of all those that serve. One thing that always stands out, especially when working with other nations is how humble Australian service personnel are. This is what makes our Defence Force a pleasure to work in. I will continue to serve for as long as I can because of these attributes of all members of the ADF." WO1 Matthew Mancini, RSM DSI

"I’m am not going to lie, I ask myself that every time I am on the BFA track but... When I am sought out to assist someone with a problem they think is so insurmountable it just can’t happen and they get positive result. It’s when I am thanked by someone for helping them receive an allowance or a condition of service they didn’t know about, and we retain them because if it. One of my team or someone I mentor does something great and I have been able to help them get there. I know it has been worth it and will continue to be worth it, that’s I continue to serve." WO1 Megan White, HQ 2 BDE

"I joined at 17, and 35 years later Army has become my way of life. On the surface I would say financial security, housing, medical, travel and deployment opportunities keep me serving. There are significant differences between being a civilian and being a soldier, I feel that transitioning out of the ADF would be stressful, having to adjust culturally and financially. I choose not to put myself or my family through that process, I will continue to serve until I reach my CRA, then start my next phase in life within the SERCAT 5 workforce." WO2 Sharon Chase, OPSWO 15 FSS

"I have been extremely fortunate and honoured to be able to deliver ‘The Ode’ at numerous ANZAC day services; regardless of whether I deliver it myself, watch it on TV or just hear the last post being played, the hair on the back of my neck stands up, and I am overcome with emotion and pride at the opportunity wear our uniform. To be able to say I am just a small cog in maintaining the ANZAC legend is truly humbling. To have served 29 years in a Defence Force that has provided so much from ANZAC to Afghanistan, including helping our own in their darkest hours alongside such dedicated professionals is why I continue to serve now and into the future." WO1 Scott Krum, RSM SOI

"I have completed around about 35 years’ service in Army thus far. People often ask me why I’m still serving after so long? When I reflect on the question ‘Why I continue to serve? I can’t help rephrasing the question to ‘what inspires me to continue to serve? The continual job satisfaction that I have experienced through my many jobs in Army continues to inspire me to serve. The many opportunities that Army has given me to travel the world and help people continues to inspire me to serve. To be able to share in the continual development of our soldiers continues to inspire me to serve. However, most importantly it’s the people that I have been surrounded by throughout my career. They have been the catalyst for my desire to continue to Serve." WO1 Mark Retallick, RSM 2 DIV

"Personally it’s because I believe in what we are doing, what we stand for and my part in it. As an RSM: I am driven to enable, to focus for the preparation of our force for combat. I am privileged to see every day people of our Defence Force give their all to something bigger than themselves. I am in a position to influence across the ever widening spectrum of this role and contribute to an organisation that is the very foundation of our country. Best life eva!" WO1 Michael Keefe, RSM 6 RAR

"I love my job, and whilst I continue to love what I am doing, I will continue to serve. Every day I strive to improve the organisation that has given me so much purpose and meaning in life. My everyday goal is to continue to improve and fight for change, so that our Army is a place I would encourage and be proud for my daughters to join." WO1 Melissa Lucas, RSM 2 FSB