"Why I continue to Serve is the sense of purpose, comradery and impact to something greater than myself that civilian employment seldom provides, and to continue to contribute to the proud tradition of the men and women who have defended Australia in times of peace and war" MAJ Ben Pye, RMC-A

"The later 14 years in the reserve have taught me that being goof at one job makes you better at the other. The discipline, lifelong learning, and unique skills driven and gathered are as a result of my service. Since swearing in as a 23 year old, I have built a career as a leading member of the cyber security industry, contributed to research, sustained my other community service activities, and recently started as a director in a not-for-profit. Service-based leadership instantiated through the Army has been the foundation and ongoing drive for a life well-lived." CAPT Edward Farrell

"I volunteered for the usual patriotic reasons, and 12 years later give me a time-machine and I would do it all again. Why do I continue to serve? Honestly? One, I serve for the men and women under my command. Soldiers in the Australian Army genuinely inspire me every day. Two, the economic surety that the ADF provides my family through affordable housing and a defined-benefit superannuation scheme. Is that mercenary? I don't see it that way. I see it as the realistic friction of achieving simultaneous acts of service for both my country and my family." MAJ Joseph Carroll, 7 CSR

"I have a book I read to my daughter before bed titled 'My Mum's in the Australian Army' by Hayley Ann Boswell. It is illustrated with teddy bears wearing the Australian Army uniform with the last page stating, 'I'm proud my Mum is in the Australian Army'. I continue to serve, as I want to show my daughter that I am proud to serve my country and wear the uniform, and I want her to be proud that her Mama's in the Australian Army too." MAJ Holly Godwin, HQ FORCOMD

"I continue to serve as I believe Army is more than a job or a career opportunity, but rather it is a way of life that differentiates me from others." MAJ Mohammed Norza, RMC-A

"Military service provides a unique opportunity to give hope to others for a better future during times of war and crisis that cause human suffering, loss and despair. It is in the midst of difficulty that our military service matters most and that is why I continue to Serve." MAJ Rebecca Lacey, RMC-A

"My long family history of service gives rise to some great, and terribly sad stories of the comradery, challenges, and loss inherent in both war and peacetime service. these are stories familiar to me, that inspired me from the first time I wore a slouch hat at age seven, playing dress-ups at the Australian War Memorial, to each day that I don my now-issues one. these stories continue to guide my choice to serve, citing opportunities for self-development, a sense of belonging and connection, and the upholding, and forging, of a family legacy borne long before myself." LT Claire Withrington, AUSTINT

"A kid from the bush joined the Army. First it gave her a family of fellow soldiers who cared as much about her as she cared for them. Then it gave her an education and a chance to lead. Later when she was getting weary and thinking of leaving, it gave her training and deployment opportunities overseas. She then locked herself in for another five years, for a nice monetary bonus mind you. Now, as the drumbeats get louder, she feels compelled to be there when her country calls. She hopes she will be enough." MAJ Sally Williamson, US CGSC

"I joined as an Army Apprentice in 1985 from Tassie to experience the adventures of the 'North Island', I discovered that the Army was my calling. Over the next 20 years I created a bond with so many likeminded people that I have never been able to describe to people outside of Defence. I transferred to SERCAT 5 almost 19 years ago and I continue to thrive on the relationships and experience that my Service still provides, in a job that I love. I enjoy the guidance of good leaders and do my best to provide a positive influence through good leadership to those I work with. I will continue to Serve as long as I am a positive contributor to the people and the organisation." MAJ Andy McShane, 2IC 2 FSB

"Passion, challenge, loyalty and commitment. Passion to improve myself, the organisation and to support and develop its people so we all become the best version of ourselves. The challenge of leadership through adversity, through the unknown, through change at all levels. Loyalty and commitment to Australia, its people, and my brothers and sisters, by choice, across Army and the ADF. This is why I still serve." MAJ Josh Fordham, RA SIGS

"Opportunity. I continue to serve so I can embrace the unique opportunities this energetic and vibrant organisation provides me. Mentorship. I continue to serve to pass on lessons learnt not captured in writing. To be th elink between those before me and those commencing their military service. I have learnt from and been mentored by many great leaders, I am wanting to do the same. Pride. I continue to serve as I have a genuine passion for our profession and people. I am extremely proud to wear the uniform, and hope to for some time to come." CAPT Joseph Moormann, ADJT

"The opportunities to continually learn, keep fit, have great life experiences and meet really interesting people." MAJ Oli Barwals, ADJT 2 FSB

"I truly love this country and all that it encompasses. Being able to work in a profession which has the duty to protect this nation's sovereignty and way of life continues to fill me with purpose. Working with, leading and mentoring such a diverse multigenerational workforce is a great honour and I am continuously filled with pride through what can be and is achieved by Army's teams. Lastly, if affords me a continuing connection to my family history of service to this great nation, of which I am rightfully proud." LTCOL Rodney Allen, RAEME

"I continue to serve as I still find fulfilment, whilst being able to support my family, in contributing to the security of the Australian people through; enabling the growth of our soldiers skills as a leader, and ensuring they have the required equipment as an engineer." MAJ John Peterson, OC 15 FSS, 2 FSB

"When I'm out practice my craft with a group of others and I look around, we are often cold, wet, tired and hungry. Some are grinning, others look determined and some seem bored. Collectively we look forward to riding the wave of excitement when the time is just right, we chat through the lulls where nothing is happening, if someone gets injured or lost the community bands together to provide assistance. That is why I continue to SURF... Oops I misread the question, oh well I guess this still holds true for why I continue to SERVE." CHAP John Dansie, RSC-NQ

"I joined at 18, in search of adventure and broadened experiences. I continue to serve for more reasons than that, I continue to serve because of the purpose, people, and pride that this organisation provides. I joined at 18 expecting to give a portion of myself to my country, I continue to serve, because of what serving my country, has given me." LT Tadgh Dwyer, 2IC 15 FSS FSB

"I joined as a 17 year old to serve this great nation of ours and see the world. 36 years late, 5 operational deployments coupled with many exercises within the South Pacific has provided me the drive and passion to continue to serve as an Australian Soldier. Army is my second family, I admire those who have served and sacrificed so much since our inception in 1901. I also admire those families who are left behind and the sacrifices they make every day. The main reasons I continue to serve is the mateship, the camaraderie, the teamwork, the variety, and the job satisfaction that working in the military provides." MAJ Gavin Cole, OPSO 2 FSB

"Nearly 40 years ago I joined to get a trade, now I feel honoured to serve our nation and follow in my grandfather's footsteps. I have been provided with many wonderful opportunities over the years and now I have the honour of commanding a unit and coaching our next generation of soldiers. I am still passionate about our organisation and want to give back some of my experiences and knowledge. The current generation keep me young, they motivate me to continue learning and getting better at everything we do." LTCOL Andrew Clarke, CO 2 FSB

"Chasing cash for university, I sough reserve enlistment. Twenty-five years of fulltime commissioned service later, I'm profoundly grateful to the recruiting SGT (and so many others since) who helped me see Army as something bigger. A national institution, yes, but most of all, a team of people – past, present, and future. I serve to honour those who landed at Galipolli, were murdered on Radji Beach, championed humanity at Kibeho. I serve to support those whose dedication, passion,, and courage inspire me daily. I serve to build for those who will come after. And because (most days) I still love it!LTCOL Emma Broder, GENAD AHQ

"Initially my service was linked to the pursuit of adventure, and an intrinsic motivation to contribute to the Organisation in the National interest. Since deploying to Afghanistan in 2011/2012, my motivation for continued service has shifted to include a strong sense of obligation to honour those who are no longer able to serve. I am challenged each day to honour their memory through my actions in the service of this great Nation." CAPT Bernadette Serong, LWC

"Pulling on the boots still gives me a sense of pride. This Army has allowed me to give back to our nation and our regional partners. I am motivated every day, by well trained professionals, to be a better leader, physically and mentally strong and responsive to challenges. I am fortunate to have seen the world, worked with like-minded militaries, and received a world class education. I love my job." MAJ Bree Looker, 2 HB

"There are a lot of fun responses – ‘I didn’t know I had a choice,’ ‘I don’t have to pick what to wear to work,’ ‘I just like Pucka Pizza,’ etc – but I’ll confess it’s more personal. Civilian workplaces can foster teamwork or claim to be like family and sometimes get close, but business is always ultimately driven by money. Military is driven by service to a greater cause. Because the stakes are so much higher, the mateship runs deeper, runs longer, and it draws you back together decades later to laugh about that one time at work. Sometimes over pizza." MAJ Nicholas Okamura

"A fourth generation member of the Australian Army there is no single reason to why I continue to serve. Serving helps me; maintain a link with my family history (Gallipoli, Western Front, Malta, Malaysia, PNG); honours their memory; my families sacrifice; and, gives me a sense of purpose. I am a force multiplier contributing to capability by enabling others to serve safely. My commitment to serving extended to joining the APS, effectively delivering 50+ years of service to date between two roles. Service to me, is contributing at all levels and drives me to do my best under all circumstances." MAJ Leslee Ellis, HQ 2 DIV

"I continue to serve because of the people I work with and the opportunities that Army provides. Army gives me the opportunities and encouragement for continual learning and development. It gives me with the opportunity to work with outstanding soldiers and officers. It gives me with the opportunity to lead and develop my team to achieve their career and personal goals. It gives me with the opportunity to share my passion for STEM and inspire the next generation through engagement with the Army Drone Racing Team. That is why I continue to serve." LT Thomas Gash, 20 Regt

"As a proud migrant Australian I serve to protect my children’s future. This country has given them – and us as a family – a remarkable amount in a short time. Now twelve and ten, they are thriving as young Australians and deeply proud of their adopted country. I serve to ensure that, in a contested and challenging future, they have the freedom to think, to speak, and to live as part of the most vibrant democracy in the world. I serve for them, and for all of the next generation of Australia." LTCOL Tom McDermott, Australian Army

"I'm currently studying at RMC-D but have previously served working with JTF629 and HQ 5 BDE. As I currently am facing my biggest challenge, wanting to lead, which has really opened my eyes to how important mental health is not only for yourself, but colleagues around you. Struggling to find myself in training has shown me why I chose this path. I continue to serve because I want to be the mentor that my mentors have been for me, giving my future subordinates the commander they deserve." SCDT Samuel Heape, RMC-D

"My service extends beyond the influence it has on the Profession of Arms. My service acts a continuous change driver that I know, has the potential to positively impact not only my own character, but the lives of the people around me. In my short tenure in the Australian Army, I can faithfully say that putting others above oneself acts as a significant catalyst for instrumental change. Through service, you witness the good in people, what they can achieve and do and most importantly, fortifies yourself in knowing you have built an impenetrable fortress of trust, care and respect. That's why I continue to serve." OCDT Inigo Bardos, ADFA

"I first joined the Army for the challenge and growth. Through my training this 'why' evolved into enjoying the mateship. I now enjoy the purpose it provides in enabling me to contribute to my unit and the wider Army's readiness to defend Australia and its interests." LT Harshan Karthikeyan, 2 FSB