"I serve to 'know friction in order to overcome it whenever possible'. Clausewitz notes, 'everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and end by producing a kind of friction'. Each day brings about new friction. Each day our teams, within our integrated Australian Defence Force and beyond, defeat the friction. As a modest but capable Defence Force, one asymmetric advantage includes serving alongside outstanding Australians. These Australians, empowered by world-class training, learning, education, and innovation, reach their personal and professional potential when challenge to overwhelm friction by working with others to achieve more." MAJGEN Chris Field

"When I was growing up I wanted to be an Army officer and serve my country. I am living my dream!" BRIG Mark Armstrong, COMD 11 BDE

"I serve because there is a need, perhaps even an increasing need, in these fraught times. Army still has tasks for me, still seeks my input, and still values my contribution after 40 years of service. It is an honour to continue to work with such a great group of people, and to be part of a unique organisation that is at the heart of what I consider to be the Australian way. To be an Australian soldier is to be a member of the greatest club in the nation." COL John Brennan, DGWI-A

"I continue to serve because the Army continues to challenge me in a myriad of ways: professionally, personally, physically, and philosophically. It has not always been easy, and I have learnt the most about myself through the most difficult times. Service has rewarded me with great opportunities and experiences. Much of that has been to work with and lead the fine people of our ADF. The friendships and networks formed across the ADF are an amazing source of resilience and support. The Army has moved with me for 25 years through career and life changes and I look forward to 20 more." COL Adam Hay, DCOMD 2 Health Bde

"Why I continue to serve? Well that’s easy; it’s because of our people. Regardless of the environment in which an Australian Army soldier serves, I am consistently impressed by their performance, both what they deliver but equally as important, how they deliver it. When given a task there is a clear sense of purpose for the individual and/or team. My recent visits to warfighter exercises and coalition partner engagement confirms our soldiers remain skilled, dedicated and committed to achieving the mission, which motivates me. Combine skills with purpose and our soldiers always excel." WO Kim Felmingham, RSM-A