The Cove is an easily accessible resource that Educational Corps officers can use to promote learning support to individuals across Army. This page is a collation of the most useful Cove resources that Educational Corps officers can refer to.

The Cove Introduction Video - A Smarter You = A Smarter Army. This four-minute video explains why becoming a smarter Army through the #intellectualedge is important for our capability. It explains how we can overcome a technical and numerical disadvantage with a cognitive advantage. It also explains how to use The Cove website, Cove+ and encourages individuals to download The Cove app.

The Cove App. The Cove App is available for both iOS and Android phones from the App Store and Google Play. It is a user-friendly way of accessing The Cove on mobile devices and conveniently notifies users when The Cove Team distributes articles or events. We think that the best way to overcome time pressures and still engage in PME is to consume small amounts regularly. By downloading the app and turning notifications on, Army personnel can do just that. The Cove App is an essential for all Educational Corps officers to keep across articles and happenings at The Cove.

Reflective Practice One-Stop-Shop. At The Cove we think becoming a 'reflective practitioner' is one of the best ways to learn and develop. At this page we've collated our resources on reflection which includes:

  • Arousal by Daniel Kieghran VC
  • Cove+ Compact Reflection videos
  • Cove+ Reflective Practice Module
  • Reflective Journal App
  • Individual Reflective Journal Hard Copy

Quick Military Education (QME). QMEs are a series of pre-prepared short learning exercises that consist of a short video (often from a movie) followed by some discussion points. They are designed to create training opportunities for short periods of down time in units with minimal preparation time required. They are a great resource to refer junior leaders to develop their own teams. 

Junior Officer PME sessions. Designed to be an 'off the shelf' resources for PME sessions for junior officers in units, this series of ten activities can be used to develop a range of skills and attributes in junior officers through reading and group discussion

Know Your Region (KYR). KYR is a series developed by The Cove to address the need for Army to have a better cultural and geopolitical understanding of our region; which is our most likely future operating environment. With new countries being published fortnightly until March 2022, it's a comprehensive resource to gain understanding of different state actors in our region. Each country follows the DIME (Demographics, Information, Military, Economics) format, and uses links to videos, podcasts and articles on each topic. Each page has a short set of discussion questions to draw out learning.

Cove+ - The Army's Professional Development Program.  Cove+ is a library of tertiary-level units, hosted on ADELE(U). Units vary in length and use a range of media to facilitate engaging learning experiences. There are a wide range of topics which have been developed in partnership with Australian tertiary institutions. Every unit has been designed to meet equivalent standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to ensure the learning is credible, current and challenging. Cove+ is a great way for individuals to expand their learning and critical thinking at no cost.

Cove Advocate Group. Cove Advocates are a community of Professional Military Education (PME) enthusiasts across Army who can provide feedback on The Cove's initiatives and content, as well as encourage and enable engagement in The Cove. Based on ForceNet, Educational Corps officers and those who show enthusiasm towards PME can join and influence how PME is delivered across Army.

The video below is a handy resource to understand how to navigate The Cove website.