The Cove are deep-diving specific themes for a condensed period of time to allow a breadth and depth of perspectives on a single topic to be presented at once. Ultimately, this may lead to better connection and appreciation of shared ideas and space for dialogue on a single theme.

The second theme of 2021 – Future Technologies of War from the STEM Professional Learning Cluster was conducted over a two-week period in June 21. The information presented throughout this theme has reinforced what a rapidly changing and exciting field this is. Autonomous systems, robotics, AI and advances in cyber technologies and capabilities are radically changing the future battlespace. 

The Cove Team thanks all those who either contributed articles, or organised or participated in the Brisbane Future Technologies of War Cove Conference held on 23 Jun 21 in partnership with 6 Brigade. Despite disruptions caused by COVID-19 to this event, the conference was a huge success and drew strong participation both in face to face and virtual attendance. The Cove Team are thrilled at your engagement with our PME initiatives.

If you missed the event and recent publications, or wish to revisit the content, we have you covered! You will find all information related to the conference and theme here.

On this page you will find:

  1. Future Technologies of War, Brisbane Cove Conference, guest lecturer’s biographies, PowerPoint presentations and video recordings in the table below.
  2. Links to all the articles featured in the STEM theme:

We have saved one last interesting read for you, submitted by Aaron Wright entitled The Future of Cyber Conflict.

If Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics interests you, why not check out some of our STEM online learning courses on Cove+? Credible courses made with our university partners at QUT include: Introduction to Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Skills and Communication, Robotics, Introduction to Software Design and Programming, and AR and VR in Training. Access Cove+ by logging onto to ADELE(U).

We hope we have presented multiple avenues for you to engage with information that is both thought provoking and disruptive to the way you think about future warfare.

Our next campaign is targeted at Knowing Your Region and will commence on Monday 05 July 21. If this is a topic you have particular interest in, consider engaging in professional debate by leaving comments, likes or shares below our published articles on our website or social media pages. Please feel free to share with us publications from other professional military education sites that are worth distributing to our wide audience.  

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Video Recording

Videos can only be viewed off the DPN due to firewall restrictions

Power Point Presentation
Presenter Biography
Dr Michael Creagh - CEO Skyborne Technologies
Dr Jeremy Anderson - Associate Director Queensland Defence Strategic Alliance
LTCOL Alex Palmer - Robotics and Autonomous Systems Implementation and Coordination Office
Kate Devitt - Chief Scientist, Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre
LTCOL Luciani - SO1 The Cove