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The Voices of War is a podcast created and hosted by Vedran ‘Maz’ Maslic which aims to bring to life the true costs of war, through the voices of those who have lived it. Find a fresh Voices of War episode from our curated collections every Thursday! These episodes will return soon. In the mean time, tune into a new episode from the limited series, Frank Marchetti Global Leadership, every Thursday. A Leadership in Focus episode will be released once a month. 

We also have over 100 podcasts already available and are always releasing more. From short tips and soldier’s fives to interviews of Army personnel on operations, find out how the men and women of today’s Australian Army work towards professional excellence. Our audio articles and podcasts will keep you entertained, informed, and learning something new. In addition to our Voices of War and audio article series, explore a range of topics brought to you by:

  • The Centre for Australian Army Leadership
  • Cove Conference Leaders and Experts
  • Elite Athletes
  • ADF members on Operations, including 7 RAR on deployment
  • Army personnel on Ex HAMEL and discussions on Amphibious Capability
  • Royal Military College representatives
  • WONCO-A and their experiences on the ground
  • Leading Senior Officers

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