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You Spoke, We Listened - What We Learnt From Your Survey Responses

By The Cove October 17, 2021

Yep – we get it, there’s survey fatigue across our organisation (we get them all too). Despite this, we created another survey. But how many surveys show you the end result and what’s being done to address your concerns? The Cove Team want to be transparent with you, which is why you can find your responses, our reaction and forecasted actions addressing your feedback. We’re here to shape The Cove to meet your needs.

We learnt that we need to keep doing these things:

  • Provide a medium where you can engage in discussion, share ideas and conduct research at all rank levels and topics.
  • Keep our content available off the DPN. 
  • Send out our weekly letter 'Cove Communique' at 0800h on Monday.
  • Keep content directly relevant to the Profession of Arms.
  • Produce more content like our Quick Military Education series.

We also learnt that we need to improve these things:

  • Give you more choice in what you get notified about on our social media and mobile app.
  • More shorter Cove Challenges like 'I Wish I Had Known That...'
  • You use The Cove in different ways and we need to make sure we cater to different user profiles.
  • We need to promote The Cove's content out into units more; especially that content designed to be 'off the shelf' content for unit PME sessions.
  • Make our Know Your Region content more succinct.
  • Less book reviews and The Highest Honour type content.
  • Promote our Spotify channel better.
  • Allow our video content to be viewed on the DPN.
  • Encourage more submissions by junior ranks.
  • Create a forum that's behind the Defence firewall for more controversial content and commenting.

If you'd like to read more about our your responses and our actions, please have a look at this document. We may have even responded directly to your comment. 


The Cove has been around for about five years now and we've got more content on the site than it was originally built for. We'll address many of the structural concerns you raised in the survey in our website upgrade 'Cove 3.0' scheduled for release by the end of 2021. In 2022 we're intending to accelerate our content creation, particularly for rich media types. Thanks to those who completed the survey and please don’t hesitate to leave feedback in the comments section below or email us at soldiercove [at] We’re always open to your thoughts.



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