Better Thinking Theme Wrap-up

Throughout 2023 we have considered how the development of better thinking skills can help Army members to become more resilient, higher performing, and better ready for future challenges. A wide variety of members contributed articles related to this theme. Some contributions focus on different dimensions of better thinking, such as critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, and contestability. Others look at different outcomes of better thinking, such as resilience, happiness, battlefield success, positive leadership, character development, and inter-cultural harmony. Some articles zero in on particular strategies for developing better thinking, such as quick decision exercises, cultural exposure, and learning from movies.

Have a look at the range of contributions below, and catch up on what you missed!


We kicked off the year and the Better Thinking theme with a great CoveTalk by Major Jeremy Barraclough, in Critical Thinking for Military Professionals.

Cove Clips

We published a number of Cove Clips from our previous CoveTalks, to provide some on-the-go Better Thinking content:


There was no shortage of great written content relating to thinking this year.

The Cove's own Matthew Malcolm discussed the importance of the intellectual edge to capability in Does PME make a Difference to Battlefield Success? The Example of Ukraine.

David Nicholas discussed the importance of introducing new ways of thinking along with new capability in the popular Are we Adapting our Mindset?

The Cove's PME warrant officer, WO1 Mark Grigg presented input from SMEs on psychology in Part 2 of our Body, Mind, Soul series, in: Body, Mind & Soul: Series 2 – Mind

Nathan Cole covered the importance of coaching and mentoring to developing people in Helping People Grow

Aaron Jackson pointed out the importance of creative thinking in military planning with Three Simple Ways to Make the Military Appreciation Process More Creative

And Eamon McGinniss continued this theme on creativity in Is Creativity Important in the Australian Military?

We received a guide on breaking down potentially stressful situations from Matthew Malcolm in How to Disagree

Cove Frequent Contributor MAJGEN Chris Field provided a year's worth of reflection in: 52 Weeks of Ideas – Part 3: On Realising Your Personal, Professional, & Cultural Potential and On Change

Finally, Linda Waldron discussed the importance of CQ and different teaching strategies in Cultural Intelligence Training on AACAP 2022